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November 2017

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Kathy Jones

Unlike the dishwasher or clothes washing machine, the dryer needs a little ongoing maintenance to keep it in safe, proper working condition.

How does a clothes dryer work? The way your dryer works is pretty simple - it spins clothes around in hot air while an exhaust vent sends damp air outside. A round, flexible exhaust tube connects to the back of your dryer and then to a duct in the wall that leads somewhere outside -- so all the hot, moist air coming out of the dryer ends up outside. As your heated clothes tumble in the hot air, lint (tiny bits of the cotton or other fibers that make up your clothing) comes off the fabric and most of it gets caught in the lint trap as the exhaust air passes through it.

The lint trap is usually accessed either inside the dryer door or on top of the dryer -- it usually looks like a plastic or wire screen. Whatever gets past the lint trap goes out the exhaust vent and duct and either clings to the sides of the tube (it is wet with condensation and can be sticky) or blows out the exhaust vent outside.


July 2018

Perfect Oven For the Holidays

Perfect Oven For the Holidays

A lot of effort goes into creating the perfect meal: acquiring the right spices, finding the perfect recipes & knowing how to combine the right ingredients.

Not all of the credit should go to the chef, however. Every cook, no matter what their tastes or talents, owes some of their success to a dependable, top-notch oven or stove. Many homes, however, have appliances that spark, overheat, or don't turn on at all. If this describes a cooking appliance in your kitchen, contact Accredited Appliance today.

Our technicians have all the skills and resources necessary to accurately troubleshoot your appliance, locate the underlying source of the problem, and offer an effective solution. Don’t let your “misbehaving” stove ruin your holiday meal, especially Santa's cookies!

If you need some oven TLC consider scheduling a check-up visit!