Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my appliance is worth repairing? Should I purchase a new one?

-In most cases, it is going to be much more economical and eco-friendly to repair your appliance than it would be to replace it.
-Most issues with appliances can be fixed fairly inexpensively compared to what it would cost to replace the entire unit. Once repaired you can often get many more years of life out of the appliance.
Appliance Repair Saves the Enviornment -Repairing your appliance also helps to minimize the amount of harmful toxins that goes into the landfills.
-As long as you are happy with the overall performance of your appliance while it is working properly, then repairing it is almost always going to be the right choice.
-At the time of inspection and diagnosis, our expert technician will give you honest feedback regarding replacement or repair.

What should I set my temperature for the refrigerator and freezer?

The refrigerator should be set between 36 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit. The freezer should go between 0 and 5 degrees.

What is the best way to clean a microwave?
Put a cup of water in the microwave and heat until the water boils and steams up the inside. Most spills and splashes will wipe right off!
What should you use to keep odors out of the refrigerator?

Baking Soda for mild odors and charcoal for extreme odors

How can I flush out my garbage disposal?

Use the baking soda from inside the refrigerator to flush out disposal odors and use ice to clear out any deposits in the disposal.

Is it okay to use oven cleaner on a self-cleaning oven?

No, doing so ruins the interior and the ability to self-clean.

What is the proper way to store a refrigerator that is not being used?

Prop the doors open and leave in the upright position.

What temperature should the water in the dishwasher be at for proper sanitation?

130-140 degrees, we also recommend running the tap water to get it hot prior to turning on the dishwasher.

What causes moisture build-up in a dryer?

Clogged house vent or the vent hose is smashed / twisted behind the dryer

Can a build up of lint in my dryer be dangerous?

Yes! A build up of lint in the house vent leading outside from your dryer can create a major fire hazard. The housing of the dryer unit itself can also have lint build up, possibly creating a major fire hazard as well.
We recommend having an expert technician clean these out for you regularly. You should clean out the lint trap after each load.

Why does my silverware get damaged in the dishwasher?

It could be the use of lemon dishwasher detergent against advice from the manufacturer.

Why do my dishes come out of the dishwasher cloudy?

It could be any of the following reasons: no hot water, too much soap, not enough rinse agent, or debris & calcium build up from hard water.
We recommend an annual dishwasher service.

Why don’t you set specific appointments?

We like to give all the time you deserve to properly diagnose the problem with your appliance. In order to do this, we must give you a “window” because we don’t know how long the appointment before yours will take. We don’t want to give you a specific time and then not be able to honor our commitment. Giving “windows” of time allow us to service as many customers as possible within the same day!

Your time is important to us. Our friendly office staff will always give you a courtesy call to let you know the technician is on his way, approximately 15- 30 minutes before arrival.

What about evening or weekend service?

-We do service in the evenings and on Saturdays at no extra charge.
-Your call will reach a live person 24/7
-Our service will alert a manager on duty as to your request and you will get a response back as soon as possible.

Can you provide us with an estimate for the repair over the phone?

Unfortunately there are usually multiple different reasons why the same symptoms occur. Without being able to diagnose the appliance, using our knowledge, experience and test equipment, all we can do is guess.

Many companies will quote an approximate price over the phone (usually low enough to attract your attention) and when their people arrive you find out the repair is far more based on what they find than what you were told over the phone and you are still responsible for the service charge.

We prefer to give you the most accurate and honest answer possible regarding the diagnosis for your appliance. In order to do that, we will send out an expert technician to your home to give a diagnosis of the appliance and an estimate of repair using our knowledge, experience and test equipment.

You can find a bell curve ballpark estimate for most common repairs listed on our website under the specific appliance.

Can I purchase the part myself and have a technician come out to install it?

Yes, however there is no warranty for the part or for labor.

How do I prevent mold from growing in the washer?

Leave the lid up so that the moisture can evaporate after each cycle.

How much does it cost?

Your technician will fully inspect and diagnose your appliance, then provide you with an estimate for the recommended repairs needed.

The service call fee is waived when you elect to do the recommended repairs.

If you decline the recommended repair, the service call fee is collected, to cover the cost of the trip to the location, inspection & diagnosis of the appliance and the written estimate of recommended repairs.

What if our appliance breaks down or doesn’t work properly after you repair?

Before our technicians leave your premises, they will go over all functions of the appliance to ensure it is working properly.

Occasionally, the appliance will malfunction after repairs. If this occurs, please give us a call and we will come back out to determine the issue.

All repairs, unless otherwise indicated on your invoice, are fully warranted by our company policy. Parts are guaranteed for one year and labor is guaranteed for 90 days. *Certain restrictions apply Most companies only provide 30 day labor and 90 day part guarantees.

What is the price based off of?

Our price reflects our ongoing commitment to our customers to guarantee the parts we install for 1 year and labor for 90 days.
We use “Major Appliance Service National Price Guide” to ensure that our prices are accurate, competitive, and fair.

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