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Appliance Repair Scottsdale AZ

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Our Mission

Our success is fueled by our belief in providing the best Scottsdale appliance repair service possible - where integrity is always a given, and every open door is a new opportunity to go above and beyond expectations. Continue Reading Our Company Mission

Why Locals Choose Us for their needed
Appliance Repairs in Scottsdale

  • Family-owned and operated business.
  • A+ rating by the BBB since 12/1/1986.
  • Technicians are Insured and have several years of experience.
  • We guarantee competitive, honest pricing.
  • Our Scottsdale appliance service charge is waived with every repair.
  • Your receive 5-Star service. Our ultimate priority is to provide our customers with cost effective, efficient, and quality appliance repair.
  • We Guarantee Every Repair, 1-Year Parts & 90 Day Labor Warranty*
Appliance Repair Scottsdale AZ

Scottsdale Appliance Repairs

Client Testimonials Expect a 5-Star service. Our mission and customer service priority is to provide cost effective, efficient, and quality appliance repair.

Worry-Free Appliance Repair
In 4 Simple Steps. Let's Begin.

Step 1: What appliance needs to be repaired?

Step 2: Tell us the issue you are having.

Step 3: Confirm a day & time frame of repair.

Step 4: Get on with your day.

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Residential Appliance Repair Scottsdale

Do we service your make and model? Absolutely!

No matter where you purchased your appliance, great chances we can fix it and make it run more efficient.

We repair most major household brands, makes and models.

Do I Need to Replace My Appliance?

Buying a new unit is a big decision. We don't just fix appliances. Our team of experts value your investment and provide options and solutions after thoroughly diagnosing each unit. At Accredited Appliance of Arizona, we don't band-aid appliances, we use manufacture quality parts, and always guarantee the repair with an extensive warranty*.

Repair & Maintenance Accredited Appliance and Appliance Manufacturers recommend regular maintenance to help prevent costly breakdowns and extend the life of your appliances.


During operational hours, we give priority to no cool refrigerators.
We aim to provide a 2 hour window from the time you call in.
(based on technician availability).

  • Fridge not cooling?
  • Fridge leaking?
  • Freezer is cold but food section is warm?
  • Ice maker not working?
  • Fridge is freezing your food?
  • Fridge completely shut off?

Scottsdale Appliance

Appliance Parts Scottsdale


Whether 2-in-1, front load or top-load, our technicians can help.

  • Washer not turning on?
  • Washer not draining?
  • Washer not spinning?
  • Washer not dispensing detergent?
  • Washer unbalanced or violently shaking?
  • Washer making a lot of noise, bad odor?


Whether you have a combo or alone unit, our technicians can diagnose it.

  • Dryer not heating?
  • Dryer shutting down before end of cycle?
  • Dryer won't start?
  • Dryer makes thump or loud noises?
  • Dryer takes forever to dry or not dry after auto cycle?

Scottsdale Appliance Repair Services

Yelp Appliance Repair Scottsdale

Cooktop, Range, Oven, Stove

Whether you have gas or electric, our technicians assess the issue at hand.

  • Not heating?
  • Not achieving desired temperature?
  • Door won't close completely or correctly?
  • Interior light out?
  • Won't go into self-clean cycle?
  • Washer making a lot of noise, bad odor?


Dishwasher problems? Our team has serviced hundreds of units.

  • Not cleaning dishes like it use to?
  • Leaving a soapy residue?
  • Not starting?
  • Not filling with water?
  • Water does not drain or leaks?
  • Door doesn't latch properly?
  • Makes grinding noise when running?

Dishwasher Repair Scottsdale

Disposal Repair Scottsdale


We got you covered if you are having sink garbage disposal isses.

  • Jammed up?
  • Won't turn on or run?
  • Making a humming sound?
  • Has smelly/foul odor?
  • Makes a grinding noise?

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Best Appliance Repairs in Scottsdale

Accredited Appliance of Arizona helps homeowners and commercial management assess, repair and troubleshoot appliance issues. Be worry-free, by reaching out to Accredited Appliance for all your appliance repair Scottsdale needs.

Appliance Service & Repair

Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction while offering our famous 5-star level of professinal service at affordable and competitive rates. Need a Scottsdale appliance company to repair your broken unit? We are here to help!

How Do I Find My Model and Serial Number?

The model and serial number are usually printed on a label that is located in the back of the unit or inside the door (some makes and models vary).

We repair most major household brands, makes and models.

Appliance Has Water Damage?

If your appliance(s) have been exposed to flooding, there is high-probability of fire or electrical-shock danger. Let Accredited assess the unit.

Spend More Time Where It Counts.

With Accredited, you have to worry about broken appliances.

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